Science reading list

Over the last week, I have enjoyed putting together a suggested reading list for history and geography and books to share with a class for every year group (the latter can be found here). Yesterday, I began the task of doing the same for science. It’s fair to say it was not as enjoyable!

Nowadays more than ever, there are loads of amazing books for children but there are less so for some topics in science. Yes I’m talking physics.

I wanted to have a list of ‘proper’ books rather than those perfunctory ones that line the shelves of science cupboards around the country. It was easy for some topics, e.g. evolution, plants, animals including humans etc. but not so for topics light electricity.

Anyway, I’ve managed as best I could and have uploaded editable versions here. Like the year group lists there was originally a logo in the top left which I have removed – just in case you’re wondering why the title is not correctly formatted!

Enjoy and if you find any ‘better’ books for some topics please let me know!!

* disclaimer – I have not read ALL of these books

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